May 27, 2018



Dear Editor:

I just have to express my extreme gratitude to all the folks at the Community Club, the Canyon Sages and the volunteers who were responsible for the absolutely splendid Seniors Holiday Dinner this year.

As a former caretaker for the Community House, I have participated in this event, one way or another, since the late 1970’s, so I have seen them all—from the Lions’ Club Days to the present. There has never been a better one!

The music was not only fabulous it was incredibly appropriate so that we old folks could hear each other talk during the earlier part of the evening. The children who sang were lovely to watch in their earnestness. And Alan Boivan’s band was just the perfect accompaniment to listen to as we enjoyed a truly scrumptious dinner. I could go on ....

Thank you one and all.

—Grateful Senior,

Lee Kelly