April 26, 2018

Passion Fuels Topanga Small Business to Start Production of New Bicycle Company



Passion Fuels Topanga Small Business to Start Production of New Bicycle Company

Pictured holding the new Xaayy titanium 650b frames are, from left, Chris Kelly, Tanner Kietzman and Ryan Steers.

Topanga-based Xaayy Bicycle Company introduces one of the first high-performance 650b titanium mountain bike frames on the market today.

Xaayy Bicycle Company (pronounced shey) is the brainchild of Chris Kelly, an L.A.-area small business man and owner of Topanga Creek Bicycles, a boutique shop specializing in mountain biking and touring bicycles located in Topanga Canyon.

Having been in the bicycle industry for more than a decade helping people make purchase decisions about all kinds of bicycles imaginable, Kelly has identified an area of the market with an emerging demand. This experience helped him create Xaayy and its first frame, the Titanium 650b.

To achieve this, Kelly partnered with family-owned Lynskey Performance Designs, a highly touted Tennessee-based frame builder, to create the first in an exciting new line of high-performance bikes. According to Kelly, it features a titanium frame built with the latest advancements that combine performance, balance, aesthetics, and top-notch craftsmanship in one beautifully finished product.

The term 650b refers to a bicycle’s wheel diameter, and it fits right in between the two most common sizes for mountain bikes: the traditional 26” and 29,”satisfies the perfect middle ground and offers advantages from both ends of the spectrum—the agility of the smaller 26” wheels, and traction of the larger 29” wheels.

The mountain biking world has been abuzz with news and discussion of potential new offerings in this size, but without many companies willing to take the leap. The unconventional Kelly, however, knows a thing or two about bold moves, which brought him from the hustle and bustle of Hollywood to the relatively quiet mountains of Topanga in the first place.

Staying true to form with the uniqueness of what Topanga has become—a haven in the Santa Monica Mountains, secluded from the day-to-day hassle that city life brings—Kelly opted for naming his brand after the word which the Native Americans of the area, the Tongva tribe, used for “mountain.”

“We have a deep connection to Xaayy because the Santa Monica Mountains are s where we spend most of our time and it’s truly a part of what and who we are today,” Kelly said.

For more information, go to www.topangacreekbicycles or www.xaayy.com.


What is 650b?: Xaayy is proud to introduce the first American made, high-performance 650b titanium mountain bike. The perfect balance of race-inspired geometry and the enhanced riding characteristics of an “in between” wheel size then wrapped it in a beautifully hand crafted frame.

So what is a 650b?: Six-fifty B refers to a bicycle’s wheel diameter and its diameter of twenty-seven point five inches fits right in between the two most common mountain bike wheel diameters; the traditional twenty-six and the more recent twenty-nine inch known as the “twenty-niner.” A 650b wheel provides riders with a middle ground and offers advantages from both ends of the spectrum, including the agility of a smaller twenty-six inch wheel and the stability and traction of a larger twenty-nine inch wheel.


• A 650b wheel is just 1.5 inches larger in diameter than a 26 inch wheel so the bike stays nimble and accelerates quickly.

• 650b bicycles benefit from the added stability and traction of the larger 29 inch wheel.

• Shorter riders and women will find it much easier to fit on a 650b frame since it's designed around a wheel that's 1.5 inches smaller than a 29er.

• Xaayy's titanium frame is made in the U.S. with the highest quality and craftsmanship. It is lightweight, extremely strong and offers the magical ride quality that only titanium provides.

• Xaayy's 650b geometry offers a relaxed head angle for stable descents and a lightweight, stiff frame for explosive climbing response.

• Increased tire footprint from a 650b wheel provides added traction and stability.