April 24, 2018

Sixty Extra Minutes


The extra hour. A whole extra hour!

What delight to look at the lovely fairy flower watch reading out 8:30 a.m. and know that in fact, due to the end of daylight savings, it is only 7:30 a.m. and the world is mine. I do not have to alight from bed yet.

For the next 60 minutes I can stretch out and close my eyes to the squalor of the room if I’ve a mind to. I could, of course, utilize my extra time to clean said room. Nah.

Then it occurs to me: the whole hour, taken together, will be over all too soon. Why not spool it out? Why not choose 60 individual moments throughout the day to have as extra gifts of time? So I do and here share them with you.

Some of the moments may run a bit longer than a minute, but some are brief seconds so maybe it evens out. And, after all, time is relative, whatever that means.


1. Pet kitty.

2. Listen to the outlandish squawking of the wild parrots of Topanga.

3. Drink coffee Beleaguered Husband made for me.

4. Read.

5. Wonder at the meaning of life.

6. Pray for guidance.

7. Note falling leaf.

8. Appreciate Beleaguered Husband having a peaceful moment of his own, reading newspaper on patio in early morning sun (probably sports section).

9. In an attempt at housekeeping, actually return strewn clothes to drawers and closets (feel sense of accomplishment).

10. Happily erase all the political messages from answering machine knowing it will all be over soon (may the best man win and I know who that is).

11. Observe teen daughter still asleep and, in spite of extra hour, pick up her favorite blanket named Oggy from floor and place it back beside her.

12. Water yard while wearing robe and see rainbow in the spray.

13. Discover something smells unpleasant in the living room.

14. Admire golden glow of Topanga in November while driving down Canyon.

15. Receive the compliment of being called a joyous spirit.

16. Have the honor of teaching a Sunday School class.

17. Laugh at seeing the ridiculous mechanical pelican bird at the Chevron station on PCH that actually moves and talks in a stoner surfer voice. Love that thing.

18. Hear Patty Smith sing “Because the Night.”

19. Hug daughter, now awake, who is almost as tall as I am.

20. Miss my mother.

21. Succeed in paying a bill online, (not easy).

22. Clean kitty box and wonder at the meaning of life.

23. Don large white unicorn head and prance around to amuse daughter.

24. Husband and I read and appreciate nice letter from Neil Shaw about our restaurant, Shaka Shack Burgers, published in The Messenger.

25. Am impressed and grateful for Messenger’s political coverage compiled by Flavia Potenza and Annemarie Donkin.

26. Begin writing this article.

27. Smile while overhearing Daddy and Daughter playing with a basketball outside.

28. Think of Riley, fondly.

29. Try to talk daughter into joining us in beach trip planned for later. She declines. Claims beach too sandy.

30. Receive visit from good neighbor Barbara Allen and serve her coffee.

31. Wonder how the Portmans are doing in New Jersey.

32. Wonder what to wear to the beach.

33. Wonder at the meaning of life.

34. Suspect the smell in living room may be coming from Jack-O-Lantern now starting to mold.

35. Hold kitty. Love kitty. Feed kitty. Again.

36. See that Gunnison house finally has sold. Oh well…kitty’s happy here.

37. Nibble sliver of pumpkin pie.

38. Notice happy sunflowers husband bought for me.

39. Think about packing up Halloween decorations…only think about it.

40. Am absolutely amazed that it is only 2:50 in the afternoon.

41. Find old fortune from a cookie on floor that reads, “At this moment someone is thinking good thoughts of you.”

42. Spend an inordinate amount of time trying to find the other shoe.

43. Don’t bother folding laundry, put it off until tomorrow.

44. Push aside feeling of panic and say quick prayer for success of Shaka Shack.

45. Ignore graying roots in mirror and recite, “Not so bad, not so bad for a gal my age.”

46. Wonder at result of election; wish Romney didn’t have such good hair.

47. Meet friends and sit on beach, laugh.

48. Sip champagne.

49. Walk on rocks and feel that slippery smooth sea moss under feet; collect shells and sea treasures; feel happy.

50. Receive belated birthday gift of a beautiful green satin ruffled pillow that glows in the fading light as bright and brilliant as the seaweed.

51. Witness a strange drone type device mounted with a camera that is flying overhead, remotely controlled by two German guys who developed it and are testing it out. Perfect combination of technology and nature.

52. Watch the sun set.

53. Kiss husband.

54. Walk back through underground pathway beneath PCH and husband and I yell into the gathering darkness of the strange place to hear our echoes.

55. Have dinner at Cholada with friends.

56. Friends pay.

57. Return to dear little messy home and light Jack-O-Lantern for last time.

58. Cuddle under the penguin blanket on couch in the now cozy, dark night.

59. Wonder what it all means, days and nights and changing times, and cabbages and kings?

60. Extinguish pumpkin, retire to read and, although still early, fall instantly asleep, cat at my side.