April 24, 2018

Survival Tips — I hear sirens! What’s going on?


Here in calm, peaceful Topanga, fire engine sirens are especially piercing. And during high fire danger days, sirens can be a little unnerving, too. Some Topangans have commercial radios that can let them listen to the fire dispatch calls. But if you don’t want to spend $300 and strap a brick-sized radio to your belt, you can download a “scanner” app for your Smartphone instead. These free apps, which are available for Android and iPhone, let you listen to local emergency channels so you can hear Engine 69 talking to dispatch about where they are going and what they find when they get there. Is it a car accident on the S-curves? Or a house fire up on Grandview? It’s an easy way to stay informed about the emergencies happening around you.

“Topanga Tim” is brought to you by the Topanga Emergency Management Plan as a public service.