June 4, 2020

Cheney Residents Move to Remove Smart Meters



Cheney Residents Move to Remove Smart Meters

Smart meters may present a fire hazard and have been known to overheat.

On Sunday, October 7, a small group of Topangans met in a private home on Cheney Drive to share ideas and concerns about smart meters being installed to replace So. Cal. Edison’s analog meters.

In attendance were several neighbors; a local health professional; Betsy Butler’s field representative, Charles DeBlock; Topanga Peace Alliance leader Julie Levine; and Liz Barris, who is leading the effort to resist and roll back Edison’s smart meter program.

One pressing concern is the fire hazard caused by smart meters that have a history of overheating and exploding in cities throughout the country (http://articles.philly.com/2012-09-14/business/33818402_1_smart-meter-installation-program-smart-meters-new-meters).

Barris and others provided a comprehensive tutorial and explained that Edison has vowed to place master meters or repeaters in all Topanga neighborhoods.

Julie Levine said that even though she had “opted out,” the installation of smart meters in her neighbors’ homes and a master meter had coincided with recent unexplained pulsing, shaking and vibrations in her home that prevents her from getting adequate sleep and rest.

“This has led to major health problems including nausea, migraines and sleep deprivation,” Levine said.

Some of Levine’s neighbors have now agreed to have the new SCE meters removed and replaced with their old analog meters.

DeBlock listened attentively and announced that Assembly candidate Betsy Butler will introduce legislation banning smart meters.