June 20, 2018

Free Sages Poetry Panel – Nov. 7


The Canyon Sages will sponsor the second in a series of Poetry Panels hosted by renowned poets from Topanga, Malibu and Long Beach. Originally scheduled for an earlier date, the Panel will be held on Wednesday, Nov. 7 at 7:30 p.m. at Topanga Library. It is free and open to all ages.

The poets’ styles vary from the street-wise musings of performance artist Jaha Zainabu to the lyrical offerings of Topanga’s Jean Colonomos. Rounding out the group, Ann Buxie, who leads Malibu’s regular event – Poetry by the Sea – will join poet Paul Guthrie onstage.

After reading their own poetry, they will reach out to the audience, giving them found objects to use for inspiration. Participants will be asked to relate the object to a relationship and dig deep to write about it. The audience will then become the performers. In the first Panel last spring, the poets discovered many budding Topanga poets. Come join in the experience on November 7.