October 18, 2021

Clarification of Roadside Committee’s Mapping Plan


Dear Editor,

Just had a chance to read the article that Annemarie [Donkin] wrote, and wanted to make some corrections [see “Roadside Committee Creates Mapping Plan,” Topanga Messenger Vol 36 No 18, [Sept. 6, 2012]) . 

First, I think that it is important to note that we did not find evidence of any seepage of herbicide into the creek below town. That is the only portion of the watershed that we monitor regularly. I have no way of knowing if there was any seepage upstream of town.

Second, the mapping effort had been identified as a priority in the first meeting, so my input was simply to build on that with more details of what pragmatically was needed in order to accomplish development of a map that met the needs of the committee. It is important to be clear that the map is limited to the area of concern for Caltrans roadside clearance—approximately 10 feet from the edge of the pavement. 

Unfortunately, I am getting feedback that folks think that I am a) not concerned about the possible impacts of herbicide to the creek and b) that somehow I am taking control of the mapping.

Both are not true. Many thanks for your help in correcting these misconceptions. 

I know Annemarie tried her best!

Also, thanks so much for spreading the word for the crayfish removal. We had a great turnout and lots of fun.

Rosi Dagit, Senior Conservation Biologist, RCDSMM