May 26, 2018

MRT Challenges Public to Spend a Day Outdoors


As part of its summer fundraising campaign, Mountains Restoration Trust (MRT) is asking the public to take a challenge. The next time you are looking for a way to spend leisure time, the non profit organization asks that you spend it enjoying the Santa Monica Mountains. And the money you didn’t spend on paid entertainment, give to MRT to help protect the mountain range.

“We thought it would be a fun way to get the money we need to continue our work,” said Jo Kitz, MRT Associate Director. “There is no admission fee to enjoy the mountains but to keep them healthy and beautiful does require money. We are asking the public to spend some time enjoying the mountains and see how special they are. The $100 saved having a picnic and watching the sunset instead of going to a restaurant can buy tools to plant trees or teach kids about their environment.”

Contributors are encouraged to go on MRT’s Facebook page and post how they spent their day in the mountains.

Money raised will go toward current MRT projects: completing the Cold Creek High Trail and adding to the 1600-acre Cold Creek Preserve; restoration projects; expanding educational programs; and continuing the master plan for the new Nature Education Center in Calabasas.

Since 1984, MRT has been preserving, protecting and creating programs to enhance the public enjoyment of the Santa Monica Mountains.

“Public support is essential to our programs, especially with the current financial strains being put on public agencies,” said Debbie Bruschaber, MRT Executive Director. “We hope that the public will help MRT continue its efforts. Our message has always been, ‘we all own the mountains.’” 

To participate  in the fundraiser go to the home page of MRT offices are located at Headwaters Corner, 3815 Old Topanga Canyon Road, Calabasas, CA 91302. Call (818) 591-1701 or visit