June 25, 2019

Book Reviews: Easy Reading



Book Reviews: Easy Reading

Ah, the most important question. What is it? And what is its answer? These are vastly intriguing matters to ponder and explore.

Author H. Constance Hill presents just this premise in a lovely and profound little book, The Most Important Question.

The story is inspired by a question asked of Dr. Albert Einstein. A little girl, named Alexandra Elizabeth, put forth a question to the great man, knowing he was not only smart but wise as well. The question she asked so intrigued Einstein that he gave it great thought and attention. He knew, Hill states, “that questions as well as answers can be wise.”

The question Alexandra Elizabeth asked was simply this: “What is the most important question?”

Even Einstein might be hard pressed to determine a worthy judgment in such a matter. Finally, he came to a conclusion. Many people waited eagerly to hear his pronouncement and some came from far and wide to be enlightened. Alas, not everyone agreed with his decision, but with such a philosophical subject one cannot please everyone. To learn his answer and see if you agree you must, of course, read the book.

Hill seems a woman who asks a lot of questions herself. A graduate of Colby College, in Maine, her life has taken her on journeys to six continents. Working as an independent journalist, she specialized in travel and writing guidebooks, articles and features. Her travels and excursions took her on more than just worldly explorations. She opened up spiritually, as well, evolving from a national world view to international and beyond as she has become a mind-body-spirit educator, author and artist.

A conscientious Hill posted a channeled message in this book: “The large purpose of this small book is to encourage reflection that frees humans from fear. It is a gentle tool to help humans open themselves to an awareness and live more consciously.”

In keeping with her spiritual nature, the author has also illustrated the book with the traditional colors that correspond to the spiritual energy centers, or chakras, of the human body. They are the same colors as the rainbow.

“The colors have been sequenced to create a vivid pattern that carries the healing vibration of hope and promise,” Hill explains.

All that and Einstein too!

The book is published by Diamond Clear Vision, diamondclearvision.com.

WE ARE ONE By Jennifer Black

Book Reviews: Easy Reading

Sometimes it’s nice, nourishing and necessary to be reminded that we are all one and we are love.

Living in this crazy world amidst disharmony and discord, it’s heartening to read the words of author Jennifer Black in her two recent publications, We Are One and We Are Love.

The message in the books, designed for young children, is obviously the precious connections shared among the people and animals of our world. Told in simple rhyme, the books attempt to capture that elusive, yet profound premise that we are all related and hence should treat each other and our Earth with love, honor and respect.

We are all one but different.

Different but the same.

Created by the one light,

We are each given a name.

Black has embellished the basic timeless theme of the book with charming illustrations in bright, vibrant colors with a living energy that lift the pictures off the page.

The animals depicted are cute and endearing (I especially like the bunny) and the smiling children, dressed in native costumes, represent many cultures.

The concept of all peoples and animals living together in unity is expressed in every page and in each word and drawing from a simple blade of grass to the jolly elephant. The book in fact, is dedicated to “Unity.”

WE ARE LOVE By Jennifer Black

Book Reviews: Easy Reading

The companion piece, We Are Love, is dedicated to … what else? Love.

Black is a native New Yorker, currently living in Australia. Her artistic talent and creativity are obvious, as is her heartfelt care for our planet and all who live on it. She attributes motherhood to inspiring her commitment to the evolution and enlightenment of children and brings a spiritual element to her work that celebrates, “We are all created by one light.”

There are also whimsical decks of cards that accompany the books with the same fun illustrations on the front and an inspirational message on the back. On one card a large panda bear sits holding a very small mouse gently in its paw. The message on the back of the card reads: “Acceptance. Honoring other beings and circumstances as they are.” Some of the other titles are Wonder, Trust, Tenderness, Mystery and Gratitude that ask simple questions to stimulate young minds.

Although the books and cards are designed for teaching children, often more open to the concepts of universal unity and love, it seems it is our adult population in need of human instruction. Those set apart by financial, political or racial differences and ignorance might be the ones to benefit most from the messages and encouragement of these simple but worthy expressions of love and hope.

The books and cards are published by Illumination Arts LLC., worldofweareone.com.