December 11, 2019

Topangan Declares Green Party Candidacy


The following is the full text of David W. Steinman’s press release, declaring his candidacy with the Green Party for the 33rd District against incumbent Henry Waxman.

Topanga resident David W. Steinman has announced his candidacy for congress as the Green Party candidate for 2012 in the redistricted 33rd District, which stretches from Malibu to Palos Verdes.

Steinman, a consumer advocate, author and magazine publisher, has taken on the nation’s most powerful corporate interests.

Most recently, he forced Procter & Gamble to remove or sharply reduce levels of a carcinogen called dioxane and has taken on many other corporations as well, requiring them to reformulate their consumer products.

He served more than two years at the National Academy of Sciences where he represented the public interest.

His study on the human health consequences of pollution in the Santa Monica Bay and expert testimony at a congressional hearing provided strong impetus to clean up Santa Monica Bay.

Steinman is the author of “Diet for a Poisoned Planet” and “The Safe Shopper’s Bible.” His media company, The Freedom Press, based in Topanga, publishes the popular health magazine, Healthy Living. The Freedom Press employs more than 20 full-time, part-time and freelance workers

“I am running for Congress as a Green Party candidate because I believe in the fundamental principles of the party and because both parties have betrayed our interests as Americans and have hurt Main Street businesses,” says Steinman, who will be challenging Rep. Henry Waxman.

“On the two most important votes of our decade, my presumed opponent, voted against the interests of America and Main Street,” he said. “He voted to give President Bush war powers that involved us in a misguided decade-long war in Iraq, which I opposed; n 2008, he voted for the Emergency Economic Stabilization Act, which created the Troubled Asset Relief Program (TARP); and is unwilling to deal with the national debt or promote bold programs needed to create jobs and improve the educational system.”

Steinman will also recommend that the United States confront the two major issues preventing job creation in America today: energy dependence and trade with China.

Unlike his opponent, Steinman will urge lawmakers to take bold, fearless action.

Besides standing up for the environmental and labor rights of citizens around the globe, he says that we must address China's currency manipulation: “Congress and the Democrats have failed to confront Chinese mercantilism and currency manipulation.

“It is about time to end the sucking sound of our jobs and factories leaving for China—and we can do this if we act boldly.”

Citing the work of University of Maryland economist Pete Morici, Steinman says that it is time to start looking at new ways to confront this problem. He advocates consideration and debate over taxing dollar-to-yuan conversions “as a way of keeping jobs and factories in America and enforcing a fair playing field.

“Of course, you won’t hear this kind of bold action recommended by most Democrats because they live in fear of a trade war with China,” he says. “I happen to believe in our economy and ability to overcome the two greatest reasons for our trade deficits: energy dependence and Chinese currency manipulation. But I also believe in a fair playing field. Right now, the game is rigged by multinational corporations working with the Chinese.

“Nationally, oil imports could be cut in half by boosting U.S. development of renewable energy sources, select natural gas production and cutting gasoline consumption by 10 percent through technology improvements in conventional, hybrid and electric vehicles, plus fleet use of natural gas and electric plug-in hybrid vehicles (especially in our 33rd District).

Furthermore, in the 33rd District, he continues, “We can soon be completely free of nuclear and fossil fuel energy needs for everything but transportation through a combination of geothermal, solar and wind. I will also recommend that our fleet vehicles use both natural gas and plug-in electric-hybrids. And I will fully support efforts by the Beach Cities to become the most green cities in the nation by stressing credits for conservation, solar and other innovative ideas that will spur home values, jobs, and business.”

Cutting the trade deficit in half, through domestic energy development and conservation, and offsetting Chinese exchange rate subsidies would increase GDP by about $500 billion and create five million jobs, he adds, citing the work of Professor Morici at the University of Maryland.

On the issue of education, Steinman supports teachers and wants to see their status in society elevated as it once was, with good pay to attract the very best. He doesn’t blame teachers or schools for our educational system’s failures. Rather, he sees the problem as environmental.

As a means of creating a new generation of American leaders and reinventing American communities and schools, Steinman will also propose that all young adults upon graduation enter into national public service.

“Our nation’s makeup is changing with new trends in immigration but we are still Americans living in the greatest nation on earth,” he says. “We must enjoy shared ideals and principles. We need to create a new generation of leaders who can reinvigorate our communities. We can’t just keep throwing more money at problem schools and expect success. Instead, we have to look at how we can create better communities and that will occur by developing a new generation of leaders.

“A commitment to public service can create those leaders. Public service is a way to create a team again in America. Kids with skills in math can help in inner city schools. Kids who want to become doctors can learn emergency medical techniques. Kids interested in communications can help teach writing skills. Kids who want to build can work on public infrastructure projects and learn the basics of carpentry.

“This is the way to rebuild our nation as one. Kids should be able to earn credits towards college. We can take pride in our sense of what America is about by developing a team spirit. We are all in this together, but kids don’t know a country is only as good as its people and that every community needs bold leaders.”

On energy, “I am totally for renewables and a free market. I want nuclear power plants decommissioned because they are the greatest example of socialized energy, but I am not going to say “No” to all fossil fuels either. I am against coal and mountain-top removal but will support some fossil fuel exploration and extracting, such as natural gas as a bridge fuel that is less polluting and creates jobs—but only real oversight and easy redress for citizens.”

Steinman is the father of three children, ages 17, 10 and 10, all of whom attend local public schools, including Palisades High School and Topanga Elementary. He graduated from Columbia University and earned a graduate degree from the University of Oregon. He was born and has lived most of his life in the 33rd District.