April 25, 2018

Topanga’s 31st Nutcracker for Heart-Healthy Entertainment



Topanga’s 31st Nutcracker for  Heart-Healthy Entertainment

Markian Fedorowycz (l) will have both of his sons on stage with him this year in the Russian Dance. In this photo from Nutcracker 2010, Fedorowycz performs the dance with son, Levko. This year his son, Liss, will join the duo.

I always knew that Topanga Nutcracker is something special.

For me, it’s a time of love, dedication to an art form that is hundreds of years old, sharing my skills and knowledge and celebrating family, friends and the joys of childhood.

You can imagine how truly delighted I was to see an article in a recent Good Housekeeping magazine about a study of 50,000 people in Norway. The scientists discovered that going to see a Nutcracker ballet (among other arts activities) actually raised people’s self-perception of health, happiness and wellbeing. So, when you come to see this year’s 31st Annual Topanga Nutcracker Ballet, you will have some extra “health” benefits, as well.

The Topanga Nutcracker Ballet will perform on Friday, December 9, and Saturday, December 10, at 7:30 p.m., with a matinee on Sunday, December 11 at 2 p.m. at the Community House. All seats are still $15 for the sweetest Nutcracker around.

This year, Brynn Lowry makes her debut as Clara at the Saturday evening performance.

“This is a true coming of age for our girls,” says Brynn’s mom, Kelly, “… a very momentous occasion.”

Anaka Wetch knows this all too well, as she reprises her Clara for the Friday and Sunday performances. Our exquisite Taylor Fisher will again dance the role of Sugar Plum for the matinee, with high-school juniors Molly Davis and Madison Porter taking the (ahem) “plum” role for the Friday and Saturday evening shows.

The “Bunny Moms” are busy wrangling and truly helping all the little ones learn their choreography. Markian Fedorowycz will have both of his sons, Liss and Levko, on stage with him in the Russian Dance, with a special round of turns by newcomer Eryk Escobar in some virtuoso technique (congratulations on passing the Bar Exam, Eryk!!!)

There are several other families with Moms and Dads dancing with their children, too, including the Bronstein’s (Akemi’s lovely design is our poster for this year).

Ah, yes. This year’s Nutcracker will be wonderful and we hope you will join us.

Tickets are available at Canyon Gourmet and Mimosa, from any cast member, or by calling (310) 455-3939.