January 20, 2022

Floating Doctors Delivers Medical Relief to Remote Coastal Communities



Floating Doctors Delivers Medical Relief to Remote Coastal Communities

Dr. Ben LaBrot and his team of Floating Doctors treated more than 2,000 patients in Haiti, established a clinic in Honduras and is now in Panama treating people who have never seen a doctor.

Dr. Ben LaBrot returned to Topanga for a short visit after two years away with Floating Doctors, delivering medical relief to remote coastal peoples.

After restoring the Southern Wind, a 76-foot boat donated in Florida, Dr. Ben and his sister, Sky, and a team of volunteers brought 22,000 pounds of supplies to Petit Goave, Haiti. They were in Haiti two months and treated more than 2,000 patients. They went on to Roatan, Honduras, an island off the coast of Honduras, where they stayed for six months, going out to remote islands, establishing a clinic and arranging for another huge shipment of medical supplies donated by Direct Relief in Santa Barbara. They made another trip back to Haiti, treating people in Petit Goave and then up on the north Cap Haitian coast. Currently, they are in Bocas del Toro, Panama, treating patients, some of whom have never seen a doctor. They will be on station there for several months.

Since leaving Topanga two years ago, Floating Doctors has treated more than 3,500 patients, built clinics and schools and established clean water programs in areas where infant mortality is 50-percent by age five due to contaminated water.

For more information or to donate, visit: floatingdoctors.com