January 20, 2022

8. Susie Walczak, Design Director


The details of my time at the Messenger do not come back to me easily 30 years later. Our family moved to the Sierra around 1978, so that is when my involvement stopped. I see now how much continued on well after my departure from the Canyon. What an amazing vessel it has been for dialogue, action and interaction in the name of community.

My sense of the experience during those early beginnings is of the original crew: Merrick, whose energy got it going, Mary, Flavia, Sid, Connie, Nico, then Colin, Pam, Emily and Jeanne. They knew we were working on a project that was special, something that was needed, could survive, and offered great opportunities to be part of something exciting. It was a lot of fun! We worked like crazy in those early times and were so proud of the product we managed to create. It was definitely a passion. It was ... A Time.

I’m proud to say I was a part of it. I’ve continued to receive the paper these past 30 years and have enjoyed staying in touch with news in Topanga. Congratulations to the crew that has come on board since I left and given so much. Kudos for keeping alive the original concept and dedication.

The Messenger beginning was a small part of my life in actual time spent but will be a special memory as long as I live.

Susie Walczak is looking forward to retirement with Tom, her husband of 35 years. They plan to head to Hawaii and a warmer climate where they have a beautiful home waiting for them. They have two daughters and two grandsons and enjoy life.