May 5, 2016

Congratulations to the Topanga Messenger

 Dear Editor, Thank you for all your years of dedication to this community. Having a paper like this in Topanga gives us all such pride. We know that it takes tremendous effort and energy to stay the course. Our profound gratitude to you all! —Carrie L. Carrier, Events Chair, Topanga Chamber of Commerce … [Read More...]

Topanga Youth Services Seeks Grantwriting and Funding

 Dear Editor: Topanga Youth Services has been serving Topanga’s youth for 23 years and has lost its longtime grant of 20 years. This program has grown, along with the many youths who have participated, into a cherished program that we hope will continue enriching and celebrating those involved and beyond. If anyone can help with funding research and grantwriting, please contact Karen Cooke, Topanga Youth Services at: (310) 502-3358; … [Read More...]