February 13, 2016

Best Newspaper in the Galaxy

 Dear Editor: To the best newspaper and staff in the Galaxy! And please give Kathie Gibboney a big hug for me… no matter how dreary the world can sometimes seem, her columns, with their humor, common sense and humanity is the best tonic I can imagine. Your friend, —Dave W. Wilson Editor’s Note: Thank you, Dave, our dear friend and one of our most faithful subscribers all these years, for renewing your subscription and for your occa… [Read More...]

Slow Down Through Town!

 Dear Editor, This is being written as a plea to the [expletive deleted] who nearly killed me Wednesday morning while I was out for a morning run on Topanga Canyon Boulevard. It goes a bit like this: Dear [expletive deleted] in the pickup truck: Yes, you. The one who commutes to work on our dearly beloved Topanga Canyon Boulevard at 6 a.m. from the Valley toward the Westside, who felt it necessary to pass three cars all at once, because dammit, 4… [Read More...]

Thank You Topanga, from the Jebef Family

 Dear Topanga, In this season of illumination, know your kindness has helped us see the possibility, transformation, and love in our experience. May great joy and imagination define your New Year! With gratitude, the Jebef Family 2015. n Editor’s Note: When the Jebef’s family home on Old Topanga burned down in July, the Topanga community immediately jumped in to help with food, shelter, clothing and support… [Read More...]