January 30, 2015

Tributes to Bob Bates, Michele Acker

 Dear Editor, Thank you for the center page spread in the Messenger re: the passing of Bob Bates and Michele Acker. Both contributed greatly to the canyon in a positive way and they supported each other’s efforts. Thank you, Susan [Nissman] for your words of praise, and, Roger, your words to describe Bob, “Soft spoken and rock solid….” Perfect! They fit him well. Thank you all so much. —Donna Bates … [Read More...]

Trees are Not the Enemy

 Thanks to TASC and the Watershed Committee for sounding the alarm on the needless cutting of healthy trees along the Boulevard. As they point out, the greatest danger is not from trees falling on power lines and blocking the Boulevard; we all know that it takes just one car to block the Boulevard. The greatest danger is from us—from flammable materials such as mulch around our houses and from our houses themselves. The North Topanga Canyon Fire Safe C… [Read More...]