October 19, 2014

How's Business?—The SludgeHammer: Alternative to Costly Septic Repairs

 Topangans love their septic systems. Except when they fail. That’s when sticker shock sets in like a sledgehammer and homeowners realize the cost of upgrading an old system or installing a new one can be upwards of $60,000. Maurice Bourget of Bourget Construction and Topanga Septic says being pro-active in the care, feeding and maintenance of your septic is the key to prolonging its life and reducing waste to the environment, whic… [Read More...]

Chamber News & Views for October

 The end of September was the end of the third quarter: time for another Professional Development Seminar! The September seminar with the attention-getting title of “Avoiding Financial Disaster,” Ron Kramer of Kramer Accountancy gave a thoroughly sobering account of the many things that small businesses generally fail to do that can create very big problems down the road. Fortunately, he provided everyone with a “Financial Health Checklist” for gettin… [Read More...]

Yaroslavsky Brings Solar to the Topanga Community House

 Solar has been a dream for the Topanga Community Club (TCC) for more than a decade, but the cost kept it out of reach. Lee Rhoads, who started installing solar hot water systems in 1980, discovered this while writing a “Green” column for the Messenger in 2005. As a struggling non-profit, solar was impossible for the TCC without a benefactor. When Mark Nygard was elected president of the TCC, he had a five-year plan to improve the Community Hous… [Read More...]

27 Things to Do on Scenic Route 27

 The Topanga Guide is designed and printed by the Chamber of Commerce every year in the fall. This year the theme was based on the Chamber’s marketing program for “Destination: Topanga, Where Nature, Community & Business Thrive Naturally.” One exciting addition to this promotion is the “27 Things to Do on Scenic Route 27”—a descriptive guide for visitors that explains the many ways visitors can enjoy and experience what this unique community has to offer… [Read More...]

Business Profile: Barbara Allen, Enrolled Agent

 Barbara Allen, native Angelina, moved to Topanga in 1974. Topanga has changed since Barbara first arrived. In those days if there were three cars on Old Topanga Canyon Road in a week it felt like a traffic jam. Since the West Valley developed, crossing the street under an hour feels lucky. Even so, Barbara wouldn’t care to live anywhere else. In fact when asked where she is going for vacation, she always responds, I live in the greatest vacation area ba… [Read More...]

Business Profile: Porchia’s W.I.S.H.—Holistic Wellness Retreats

 Are you a high level executive who now feels anxious or dread at work? Does your heart race or stomach feel upset during the day? Do you get irritated easily with your colleagues and family? Do you self-medicate with drugs or alcohol? Individuals in high-level performance positions generally excel under pressure. However, corporate burnout and work stress symptoms are associated with chronic stress and could be warning signs that something worse is bre… [Read More...]

Business Spotlight – Café Mimosa, Owner Claire Cohn

 Walk into Café Mimosa on any given day and pay attention to your five senses. The screen door squeaks, the narrow room embraces—you can hardly get through to the counter without excusing yourself past some patron with a chair in the aisle—the smell of good coffee warms you while the slightly sweet aroma of pastries and good food invite you. Purchase your libations and settle into any empty spot; the old chairs might have a slight wobble, the table som… [Read More...]