October 13, 2015

Generations: Marsha Maus—the Canyon Queen

 There are some people who are so different, unusual and striking, their aura seems to arrive before they make an actual appearance. Marsha Maus is one of these. Her regal bearing, unquestionable fashion sense amply accessorized, and colorful style reflect her Aquarian nature along with a free-spirited, hippie attitude. At a recent visit to her mobile home in Malibu, she was standing by the kitchen sink happily fixing her … [Read More...]

Topanga Canyon Sages Resume Classes and Clubs

 For those who were unable to attend last week’s Barbeque & Membership Drive, Topanga’s first and only service organization for seniors, now approaching its sixth year, The Topanga Canyon Sages is resuming exercise classes and specialty clubs. Sign-up is easy and membership is free. Class fees are minimal or free. CLASSES & CLUBS Sages Sewing Circle—The Sages, in conjunction with the Topanga Women’s Circle, invites al… [Read More...]

Inn of the Seventh Ray Celebrates 40 Years and Co-Founder Ralph Yaney’s Life

 On Sept. 18, Topanga’s oldest and most famous, iconic and scenic eatery had much to celebrate: its 40th Anniversary, the life and work of co-founder Ralph Yaney and the new chef who came up with a fabulous multi-course feast. A gathering of about 300 long-time employees, friends and family were in for a huge treat that involved amazing food, sweet music, lovely wines and heartfelt sharing of stories. Everybody was clearly happy … [Read More...]