September 2, 2014

Topanga Tim Survival Tips—Emergency Numbers

 Hillside Henry and I seem to be having ongoing discussions about which phones work best during emergencies here in the Santa Monica Mountains. The Los Angeles County Fire Department says it is always best to use a landline and dial 9-1-1. This way you can be located in the event the line goes dead. If you must use a cell phone then call one of the following numbers instead of 9-1-1: *… [Read More...]

Al Martinez on Everything Else...The Short, Bright Life of a New Friend

 I really didn’t know Cary Gepner very well. He wasn’t the kind of guy who waved his hands in the air, danced on a table and shouted, “Look at me, Look at me.” I didn’t see him as a man trying desperately to be noticed. So when it came time to actually communicate with him one on one, I had no idea how that would turn out. But by the time the evening had ended, he had become my new best friend. Others have said of him he was a sweet man in all the good… [Read More...]

All About Kids: Healthy Eating for School Success

 The school year is underway and many routines have been established. Though we shop for the best organic foods and frequent farmer’s markets, establishing healthy eating routines requires practice and patience. The payoff can be great as kids have energy to succeed in school, enjoy their afternoon activities and maybe gain a little independence along the way! BREAKFAST Eating breakfast is widely thought to be important for the beginning of a su… [Read More...]

My Corner of the Canyon: My Corner of The Summer Country

 For a short while we were a part of it. We sat on a summer beach amongst the colored umbrellas, crazy collection of coolers, striped beach chairs and running, laughing children. Although abbreviated it was a vacation and somehow we made it to our piece of sand there on the edge of the San Diego coast, mid-August in the year 2014. To accomplish even this abridged getaway was not easy. We only had three days. Three days to capture that free, expansive,… [Read More...]