March 30, 2015

Topanga Tim Survival Tips—Non­­-Emergency Metro Number 399

 Sylvia Park Sam always seems to be engrossed in the newspaper when he’s not out riding his horse. He waved a clipping under my nose about the Metro and said there is a new number to add to our growing list of useful phone numbers. For non-emergency assistance on the L.A. Freeways call #399 on your cell phone. You can request a Metro Freeway Service Patrol tow truck or other assistance. The dispatcher can contact your auto club. It sounds like a g… [Read More...]

How' Business?—“Secret Shows”at hillbillyhip

 Gidget's at it again! If you think hillbillyhip is only about great vintage stuff, keep your eyes open for some top-tier entertainment on the premises that is probably one of the best kept secrets in town. As one of our local impresarios, Abigail “Gidget” Zapata, has a non-stop creative imagination that has fed a long history of producing “you’ve-gotta-see-this” musical events, the latest being a somewhat clandestine (… [Read More...]

Kids in the Canyon: Allowing Allowance

 There comes a time when every parent entertains the idea of their child receiving an allowance, or pocket money. There is even a game devoted to teaching the concept of allowance: “The Allowance Game” allows players ages five and up to learn about earning money, maintaining responsibilities such as homework, and how to spend money responsibly. Giving your child an allowance is a topic that appears suddenly in the middle elementary years or when a chi… [Read More...]

MY CORNER OF THE CANYON: Black Lilies, Light Heart

 Perhaps if I address this unseasonal heat as a novelty I can abide it. Predicted temperatures are in the 90s and it is but mid-March, the month that is supposed to come in like a lion and go out like a lamb. If so, I want more thundering, growling and roaring from the atmosphere. Something blustery, bold and wondrous that swirls around and just might suit the witches from, “That Scottish Play.” We need rain and lightening to properly see the season… [Read More...]