July 28, 2014

Topanga Tim's Survival Tips— Land Line Phones

 Remember how the power went out in Fernwood when “ The Rock” took out the power poles? Well, I picked up my new cordless phone to report the matter, at the time but it didn’t work. The old plug in phone by my bed worked like a charm. I reckon every household should have one as they still function when the electricity is out. “Topanga Tim” is brought to you by the Topanga Emergency Management Plan as a public service.… [Read More...]

Whole Body Beautiful: De-stress Yourself to Better Health

 For many, modern life is full of deadlines, work pressures, family, money challenges, time constraints and daily stresses that our everyday existence brings on. Some stress, in small doses, is actually beneficial. It can motivate you, helps you perform, and gets the body moving at times when it is really needed. But, when our bodies are constantly running on emergency mode, it triggers a “fight-or-flight” response and when this is on, more often th… [Read More...]

All About Animals: Coyote—The First and Last Animal

 No animal had a stronger hold on the imagination of our native peoples than the coyote. Many Native American tribes credited the coyote with helping a god create the world and prepare it for the first people. Some believed that the coyote actually performed the magic himself. In the legends of many tribes, the coyote made the first humans from feathers, mud or straw. The Zuni believed the coyote taught man to hunt; the Sioux … [Read More...]

Living Well: Topanga to Thailand

 July 6, 2014, 12:30 p.m. (L.A. time)—I am 11 1/2 hours into a 14-hour, non-stop flight to Hong Kong, where, during a long layover, I will receive a foot massage in the airport’s Organic Wellness Center, then hop on a two-hour flight, completing my journey to Thailand. Yes, Thailand. Three days ago, I did not know where Thailand was. I’m still a little fuzzy. I know so little about this trip: only the name of the city (Chian… [Read More...]