August 25, 2016

Topanga Tim's Survival Tips—Beach Parking Pass for Seniors

 The spray from the breaking waves delighted Greenleaf Gail as she walked along Topanga Beach. Being a senior over the age of 62, she was able to obtain a $25 parking pass to many of the Los Angeles County beaches. She wrote to Los Angeles County Beaches & Harbors, 13837 Fiji Way, Marina del Rey, CA 90292 and included a copy of her driver’s license and vehicle registration. The annual pass allows her one visit daily Monday – Friday, excluding holidays.… [Read More...]

Rude Interruptions—The Monsters Are Due on Wilshire Boulevard

 Like many other kids of my Boomer generation, I got hooked from an early age on horror, fantasy and science fiction—books, movies, radio dramas, comic books. It was partly an accident of good timing; the relatively young medium of television had a voracious appetite for cheap programming and Universal-International (as it was then known), which produced a long run of monster and science-fiction movies from the early 1920s… [Read More...]

My Corner of the Canyon—I Know Because I Know

 The Young Nihilist (is there any other kind?) announces: “I’m not sure anything means anything and then you die and its over. That’s it.” I take a deep breath. No longer being young myself, I’m not sure I have the energy to take this on, to say something deep and meaningful to my son, to fight the good fight. “Of course there’s something grand and great,” I begin, but then I sputter out. To say, “I just know because I know” seems far from profound… [Read More...]