August 27, 2015

Topanga Tim's Survival Tips—Weed Clearance

 The neighbors were all abuzz about the party that Sylvia Park Sam and his family were planning. While households were preparing their favorite potluck dishes, Sam was out clearing the dry leaves and weeds from along his narrow road. He was concerned that the guests might park on the dry vegetation and inadvertently start a fire with their hot exhaust pipes or catalytic converters. I applauded him in his efforts to be fire safe. “Topanga Tim” is br… [Read More...]

All About Animals: How To Train a Tiger to Ride on a Horse in the Circus—Part 2­­­

 “When training big cats you must be the same person every day.” That’s what Gunther-Gable Williams said and, as one of the most famous circus trainers of all time, he was able to take his own advice. People always said he could train anything and if you saw his act you knew it was true. This may sound easy enough but, with our large human brains and emotions running rampant, it’s actually hard to pull off. We humans… [Read More...]

Living Well: Family Camp

 This summer I took my doll camping. She’s not just any doll; she’s a Waldorf baby doll. I made her 17 years ago, when my daughter attended kindergarten and first grade in the fairytale world of Santa Monica’s Westside Waldorf. Teresita Gomez, the handwork teacher, had the good sense to offer a weekly circle for mothers who wanted a taste of the manna their children were receiving (preventing the unsightly problem of grown w… [Read More...]