September 29, 2016

Topanga Tim's Survival Tips—Scan Important Document Files

 While sending e-mail I got thinking about Summit Sally’s advice about storing selected computer files on an external hard drive. She also told me that it would be worthwhile to scan the important documents in my file cabinet and put them in the computer. I thought of all the necessary papers that deal with the mortgage, taxes, credit cards, to name a few. Right into the computer they can go and onto the new external hard drive. Or they can be stored o… [Read More...]

Rude Interruptions—On the Road Again

 Well, the kid’s got his first set of real wheels now and the open road beckons. He’s home from college, having graduated in June from UC Santa Cruz, where cars for first-year students and sophomores were not just discouraged on the gorgeous forest-like campus, they were forbidden. Students were urged to take the bus, carpool, car share and ride-share, habits he brought back home to Southern California. Until now, he’s been… [Read More...]

My Corner of the Canyon—"...There and Back Again­­"

 It is the time of year when, guided by some inner clock, I pick up the old book. My copy of “The Hobbit” is faded and frayed, the spine held together by duct tape, weathered and worn as befits a valued tome. At the top of the first page, in my rebellious teenage script is written, “Christmas 1968.” Alas, there is little I can specifically remember about that actual holiday morning, save that it, like all Christmases with my fine family, was golden a… [Read More...]