April 17, 2014

Topanga Tim's Survival Tips— Calling 9-1-1 From a Cell Phone

 Yesterday Hillside Henry told me of a bit of trouble he had. He came upon an accident on Topanga Canyon Blvd. and pulled out his cell phone to call 911. Well, he never got through. Sometimes 911 doesn’t work so well from a cell phone. Henry got so frustrated waiting that he called his daughter who put the call through on a landline. Pretty smart thinking. He also could have called the Highway Patrol directly at (818) 888-0980. “Topanga Tim” is br… [Read More...]

Al Martinez ... On Everything Else: Al Martinez is Alive and Well and Sorely Missed

 Al Martinez’ column has not appeared lately because he has been hospitalized. He survived the ICU and is now doing well, testing the curative powers of rehab and will join us again as soon as he can. Topanga misses you, Al, and appreciates Joanne keeping us updated on your progress.… [Read More...]

Kids in the Canyon: Moving Toward the Greater Good

 Sitting still versus sitting in stillness. I was pondering this thought recently and then, with the kind of synchronicity I love, my husband shared an article in the April issue of Esquire magazine: “The Drugging of the American Boy.” I read the note from the Editor-in-Chief, David Granger, introducing the controversial topic of the increasing diagnosis of ADHD in boys, and suddenly, leaping off the page were the words: “the boys in one study who wer… [Read More...]

My Corner of the Canyon: Diamonds and Rust

 Almost every day I pass a cabin-like house just a bit up a hillside on Old Canyon. It surprises me how cavalier I am about driving past without giving it even a fleeting thought, never glancing over, zooming by preoccupied with my varied musings and obligations. I offer not the slightest nod to a family that used to live there. It seems odd not to think of them, for they were us. Upon first moving to Topanga from Venice, the Canyon seemed so remote,… [Read More...]