October 13, 2015

Topanga Tim's Survival Tips—Rattlesnakes and Dogs

 Jed and Star were straining on their leashes and pulling Red Rock Rick to and fro as they made their way up the road in the Canyon. Wet noses were eagerly shoved under downed branches and bushes searching for anything of interest. Ever vigilant for sunning rattlesnakes, Rick carried a bit of insurance in his pocket, his cell phone and the number of his veterinarian as well as that of a 24- hour vet clinic.  He had already inquired if they had antive… [Read More...]

Kids in the Canyon—A Fly on the Wall in First Grade

 When it comes to understanding children, we all want to know what is “normal,” what to expect with our children’s development at each age. If you have ever wished you could invisibly observe your child or grandchild in their first-grade classroom, this column is for you! At Topanga Elementary Charter School we are very fortunate to have the dynamic duo of our well-loved first grade teachers, Mrs. Jen Hoffman and Mrs. Moria De La … [Read More...]

My Corner of the Canyon—Singin’ The Birthday Blues, But I Can’t Sing

 I didn’t want it to be my birthday. Not because it means I’m getting old, for I already am that, but because it means I shall have to take stock. There is no way I want to find myself another year older without feeling pleased and proud and tickled pink and candystripe green, to be me, Wonderful Me!! But alack and alas, I feel blah, like Lucy Ricardo when she was newly pregnant. But where she had just cause, I fear I’m just an ageing, sloppy, so… [Read More...]