November 25, 2015

Topanga Tim's Survival Tips—Dryer Lint!

 The appliance repairman was working on Hillside Helen’s clothes dryer that had been malfunctioning. He unplugged the appliance and used his special tools to clean out the dryer vent, which surprisingly was stuffed full of lint, something Helen never considered. He mentioned the many homes that are destroyed annually due to lint catching on fire. Later, Helen checked out the problem and remedy online at … [Read More...]

Living Well: Airborne

 My son and I decided to jump out of a plane. My mother says we should jump off a curb instead—with a pillow. Despite this and other comments from the peanut gallery, we weren’t backing down. Eight years ago, I made a promise to my son. It was Eamon’s tenth birthday and I’d driven him and his friend Mac to Perris Airport to do a little indoor skydiving. Indoor skydiving is the bomb. You get to fly with no danger of falling. I… [Read More...]