December 20, 2014

Topanga Tim's Survival Tips—Photo Records

 Red Rock Ruth turned 12 the other day and received a digital camera for her birthday. She started taking pictures of things in her house: the TV, computer, music center, antiques, and all the rooms. Those are strange subjects for a young girl, I thought. It made perfect sense when she explained that she’d e-mailed the photos to her aunt and uncle in Nevada for safekeeping. If the house burns down they’ll be a record of what her family has. That sounds … [Read More...]

All About Animals: One Night Before Christmas…

 …it was a dark moonless night. But his mama’s sharp, yellow cat-eyes had guided her through the tangled growth quickly as she took off to hunt down some food for her family. Little Cougar had watched her go and felt a stirring. He was growing fast. Maybe even his spots would soon begin to fade. One of these nights he would go hunting with his mama! He looked over at his two sisters sleeping together in a furry … [Read More...]

Kids in the Canyon: Happy Holidays

 As we enter the holiday season, I begin to hear the tune of the song “Tradition,” from Fiddler on the Roof, in my head. This time of year conjures up traditions for most people as they celebrate with family, friends and in my case, my classroom family of five year olds. We have shared our family traditions during Show and Tell, but it is interesting to think about what makes a family tradition so special. Why does it… [Read More...]

My Corner of the Canyon: Crawling Toward Bethlehem

 At this gentle time of year I imagine peace. I see myself calm and centered, with a heart opened to all peoples and the universe, listening for the soft fluttering sound of angel wings (do they sound like humming birds?), or at least the jingle of reindeer bells. I want to be a better me, a friend to all, with a secret smile, as if I am in touch with God or have a great deal of money in the bank. Of course, as always when I move toward grace, I am bl… [Read More...]