August 25, 2016

Theatricum Botanicum’s Fall Series Under the Oaks

 As Theatricum’s 2016 repertory season of plays winds down and summer slips into fall, patrons can also enjoy afternoons and evenings of music, as well as three more "Dinner and a Play." THEATER: A MIDSUMMER NIGHT'S DREAM Reviewed by Jason Biel Theatricum’s annual signature production of Shakespeare’s classic, A Midsummer Night's Dream, has found a perfect home at the cherished outdoor performance space. Wit… [Read More...]

Botanicum Seedlings, a Vital Resource for Playwrights

 Botanicum Seedlings, Theatricum Botanicum's development series for playwrights, announces 2016 “Izzy” winner and opens submission window for new plays. Botanicum Seedlings is pleased to announce Paula Cizmar as the recipient of the sixth annual “Izzy” Award for new plays. The winning play, The Last Nights of Scheherazade, was presented last summer as a private, developmental “GreenRead.” Named for Theatricum's f… [Read More...]

FILM—Don’t Think Twice Deserves Repeated Viewing

 Mike Birbiglia turns in a stunner. Say “improv” to the general public and you’ll get “Whose Line is It, Anyway?” Say the same word to savvy people who appreciate comedy and you’ll hear, “Yes, and…” and Del Close. Don’t Think Twice is a stirring love letter about improv, community and growth. There won’t be a hard punchline with the requisite snare shot here. Writer/director Mike Birbiglia captures the truth … [Read More...]