September 27, 2016

Third Annual Topanga Symphony Fundraiser, October 9

 Three times a year the Topanga Symphony performs free concerts at the Topanga Community House to the Santa Monica Mountains community where talented musicians perform a classical repertoire with technical perfection and emotion. In order to keep producing these amazing free concerts, the Topanga Symphony solicits donations and applies for grants. Another way funds are generated is with the Annual Topanga Symphony Fun… [Read More...]

The Buddha on the Boulevard Gets a Makeover

 Three artists, Clare Brown, Ibraheem Jamel and Katrina Leigh Carter, took it upon themselves to give Kedric Wolfe’s iconic Buddha mural a facelift during the week of September 12. Wolfe and fellow artists, David Totheroh and Liz Shepherd originally created the Buddha in September 1982. “I wondered for years about renovating the Buddha and called Kedric months ago, who gave me the go-ahead,” said Brown.… [Read More...]